Cold Therapy Products

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is a popular form of treatment for acute injuries. The method works to reduce swelling by cooling the skin, narrowing the blood vessels in the underlying tissues, and thereby restricting blood flow to the … Continue reading

Treating Injuries with Cold Compression Therapy

What is one thing sports injuries, overtraining, or accidental injuries have in common? They often heal faster with cold compression therapy. Cold therapy is commonly used to treat acute injuries. Cold temperatures narrow blood vessels which reduces blood flow to … Continue reading

Pedal Exercisers in the Workplace

Did you know that over 40% of our jobs involve us sitting inactive for most of the day? All that sitting adds up and can have negative effects. According to Lucas Carr, assistant professor in health and human physiology at the … Continue reading

10 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Have you ever been injured or developed a medical condition that weakens your ability to move? Chances are you’ve seen a physical therapist during your recovery process. Physical therapy helps patients return to their original, or improved, level of function. It … Continue reading

World Physical Therapy Day

This Friday, Sept. 8th marks this year’s World Physical Therapy Day. This day recognizes the work that physical therapists do for their patients and their community. The theme of this year’s World Physical Therapy Day is physical activity and the role it … Continue reading

Exercise Ball Options

Exercise balls are a great way to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and core strength. They can be used as a seat, an exercise tool, or a stretching tool. With many exercise ball options, it can be difficult to know which … Continue reading

Inflating & Deflating an Exercise Ball

If you are looking to strengthen your core or improve your balance, try using an exercise ball. Exercise balls are a great workout tool to have on hand, but when using in the home, they can be difficult to store. Luckily, deflating … Continue reading

ColdSpot™ Pain Relief Guide

Point Relief® ColdSpot™ Topical Analgesic provides fast-acting, cooling relief for minor pains and bruising. It penetrates deep to soothe the muscles and joints underlying the skin on which it was applied. The product is available in three distinct compositions that … Continue reading

Topical Pain Relief: Menthol and Lidocaine

Topical pain relief treatments are a great temporary pain relief alternative to over-the-counter pain medication. It is a good option for patients who cannot take pain relief medication due to a sensitive stomach. Topical pain relief is fast-acting and can … Continue reading

Choosing a Foam Roller

Recently, practice of foam rolling has widely increased in popularity. While it was initially practiced only by serious athletes, now all people are encouraged to partake in it. Across the county, exercise classes are using foam rolling (self-myofascial release) as … Continue reading