Practice Safety with Gait Belts

Focusing on national safety month, it is important to be safe and reduce injury. Working as a caregiver can be a difficult job that can place people in situations where he or she might get injured. Moving patients from one area … Continue reading

National Safety Month 2019

Every year in June is known as National Safety Month! This month focuses on safety and it promotes awareness to reduce the leading causes of injury at work, on the road, in our homes and in our communities. For 2019, National … Continue reading

WaxWel® Paraffin Wax for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great stress reliever and a WaxWel® paraffin wax treatment is ideal for soothing pain in your hands and feet. What if we told you that you can combine the two by using WaxWel® scented wax? Our WaxWel® paraffin wax is … Continue reading

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

Everyone has had the feeling of stress. Turns out, people get stressed for different reasons. This feeling varies from person to person. Whether it is at work, school or just life, stress can be a real pain. Thankfully there are … Continue reading

Pillows for Better Sleep

If you are not having a good night’s sleep this may affect your mood. Tossing and turning every night is harmful to your sleep and if you find yourself doing this it might be time to change your sleeping habits. For … Continue reading

Daily Habits to Improve your Mood

If you in a bad mood that you cannot seem to get out of there are steps you can take to help it. By modifying your daily activities and habits you can potentially improve your mood and lead a happier life. … Continue reading

Use AIREX® for Exercising Outdoors

As mentioned in our previous article, exercising outdoors can help save money and time as well as improve your mood. However, your mood might not be so great if you need to sit, stand or kneel on some hard ground. For … Continue reading

The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Exercising is a great way to keep healthy and active but sometimes exercising indoors is not very exciting. With the weather getting warmer, now is a great time to exercise outdoors. Below we’ve listed some benefits of exercising outdoors: Improved Mood … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: the CanDo® Magneciser®

Are you the type of person who likes to workout at night? Do your workouts wake up other members of your family? If you need an exercise tool that is designed to be quiet, try using the CanDo® Magneciser®! The CanDo® Magneciser® … Continue reading

Benefits of a Nighttime Workout

Do you exercise in the morning? Early morning workouts to start off the day might not be as beneficial as you think when it comes to sleeping at night. New research, shown in Cell Metabolism, has found a significant link between the … Continue reading