Product Spotlight: Baseline® Tuning Fork

Tuning forks play a central role in vibration and sound therapy. They feature healing properties that are tied to the forks’ ability to create a resonance through the mind, body, and emotions. For performing therapies with a tuning fork, we recommend … Continue reading

Using a Tuning Fork in Medical Situations

Have you ever used a tuning fork? This tool is a very versatile instrument that can be used for many different healing processes. For those who are unaware, a tuning fork is a two-pronged metal fork that can be used as an … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Dipsters®

It’s the middle of Summer and one way to escape the heat is to relax in a pool. For people recovering from an injury, or receiving general therapy treatments, rehabilitation exercises can now be brought to the pool with Hydrotherapy. If … Continue reading

Keeping Cool for the Summer

With the extremely warm weather here to stay this Summer, it is important to stay cool. Not taking action to cool off in warm temperatures can lead to some serious and sometimes fatal health conditions, such as heat stroke. To counter … Continue reading

Foam Roller Choices

With so many foam rollers out there, it may be hard to choose the right one. There are other foam rollers then just the ordinary white one. Different foam rollers have a different firmness and are perfect for a various … Continue reading

Foam Rolling Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve ever been in a gym, sporting goods store or even browsing through the fitness section on Amazon, you’ve probably seen a foam roller. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release, or self-massage, that helps sore muscles and … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: HawkGrips® IASTM Tools

If you are looking for instruments to assist in soft tissue mobilization, look no further than HawkGrips®. Earlier this week we explained how using an instrument for soft tissue mobilization benefits patients more significantly than just using your hands. HawkGrips® … Continue reading

What is IASTM?

If you have ever seen any type of tool assisted massage, you have an idea of what IASTM is. IASTM, or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, involves using a range of tools which enable clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals … Continue reading

Monitoring Heart Rate

Do you know your heart age? If you are unhappy with your heart age, there are many ways to improve it as discussed in our article earlier this week. The best ways to reduce risk of a heart attack or stroke … Continue reading

Calculating Heart Age

Have you have ever heard the phrase “heart age”? Heart age is a way to calculate and figure out your risk of a heart attack or stroke. A younger heart age means a lower risk of heart disease. Believe it … Continue reading