Warm up with Waxwel®

It is getting colder outside and soon Winter will be upon us. As the weather outside gets colder we tend to gravitate towards warmer things. Coffee, hot chocolate and sitting by the fire are all things that immediately come to mind. … Continue reading

Staying Warm this Winter

Winter is almost officially upon us and you have probably already started to feel it. The freezing winds with colder temperatures and hints of snowfall would make anyone just want to stay home where it is warm. Unfortunately, we all cannot … Continue reading

Burn Calories with the CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser

If you are not a fan of circuit training or find it boring, you should try practicing exercises with the help of an exercise tool. Having an exercise tool can keep you engaged and make exercising fun. One tool that … Continue reading

A Quick Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

Picture this. It is thanksgiving morning and you are looking to prepare for the feast ahead. You got your stretchy pants ready and maybe you are skipping breakfast. One more thing you can do before you start filling your face with … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Balance Pad

Balance training can be done with just your body, but for a more effective training session try using a balance pad. Balancing with a balance pad can help with stability training and it is proven to be more effective than just … Continue reading

Balance Exercises for Seniors

As people grow older, the fear of falling becomes more prevalent. With each fall, there lies a greater chance of serious injury. One bad fall can be very detrimental to seniors, which is why it is important for them to practice … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: TOGU® Challenge Disc

Would you like to add excitement to your exercise routine? Then look no further than the TOGU® Challenge Disc 2.0! As a device that is great for everyone, The TOGU® Challenge Disc enables the perfect amount of balance and coordination … Continue reading

What is Neuromuscular Activation?

Have you ever heard of neuromuscular activation? A term commonly used in the physical therapy world, neuromuscular activation is simply the combination of your nervous and muscular systems. It is used to help improve your exercises and decrease the decline of … Continue reading

Types of Weights for Cardio Training

If you have decided to begin cardio training with weights, it is time to decide which weights are best for you to use. There are a variety of weights to choose from, so we have listed some of the most … Continue reading

Running with Weights

Walking and running are very good forms of exercise which can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Some people like to add weights to their cardio exercises to increase the challenge. However, does it really make you stronger? This answer varies from … Continue reading