Choosing a CanDo® Balance Board

If low aerobic exercises with a balance pad is not your thing, then using a balance board may be a better option. Compared to balance pads, balance boards offer more of a challenge when it comes to balance and vestibular training. … Continue reading

Train like an Olympian with Airex®

The Winter Olympics have kicked off sparking a worldwide competition between the nations of the world. For both Summer and Winter, athletes train year-round to participate in these games. They train hard and in turn they require the best gym equipment … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Dynamic Stretch Strap

As mentioned in our previous article, charley horses can produce intense pain. They sneak up on you while you are asleep in your bed and can become very painful. Thankfully, this problem can be prevented through stretching. Using the CanDo® Dynamic Stretch … Continue reading

Stretch to Prevent a Charley Horse

As you are sleeping soundly and having sweet dreams, suddenly you get a sharp feeling in the middle of the night. You are awoken by a scream worthy pain in your leg. As this pain starts to alleviate after a couple … Continue reading

Using Dumbbells for Time Under Tension

Earlier this week we wrote about the exercise practice known as “time under tension”. To sum it up, “time under tension” allows people to get the results they want without lifting heavy weights. Dedicating time to certain muscle groups and using … Continue reading

Time Under Tension

If you enjoy picking things up and putting things down, chances are you are a fan of free weight training. However, lifting the heaviest weights does not always mean you’re stronger than someone who lifts lighter weights. The person who is … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: The FabStim®

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a type of nerve stimulation therapy that helps relieve mild to chronic pain. With a prescription, you can use this therapy treatment in the comfort of your own home. It does not have to … Continue reading

TENS for Pain Relief

Ever consider using electricity to relieve pain? Electricity can help relieve pain as a type of therapy for people suffering from many types of pain inducing injuries. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) uses electric frequencies to send non-painful signals through … Continue reading

Time to get Antimicrobial

With flu season upon us, it is a good idea to take action to stay germ free. Taking precautions and getting rid of bad germs will make you less likely to get sick. To prepare for the fight against bad … Continue reading

Take Action Against Flu Season

Flu season is here and this year it is affecting a lot of people. In some cases, the flu can be very serious or even fatal. What some may perceive as a cold, could be a deadly flu virus. To avoid … Continue reading