Understanding Bicep Tendonitis

Bicep tendonitis is a common issue among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is characterized by inflammation of the tendons connecting the biceps muscle to the shoulder. This condition can be both painful and debilitating, affecting your ability to perform … Continue reading

Why Use a Kettlebell?

If you have ever wondered why the kettlebell has such a unique shape, it is because they were originally used as a farm tool in Russia. They were later reimagined as an exercise weight after male performers used them to … Continue reading

National Scoliosis Awareness Month 2024

June marks an important time of year for health advocates, medical professionals, and individuals across the country as we observe National Scoliosis Awareness Month. This period is dedicated to shining a spotlight on scoliosis, a common yet often misunderstood spinal … Continue reading

What to Do If I Have Acid Reflux at Night?

As mentioned in last week’s blog, acid reflux can be an annoyance, especially during bedtime. For many people, this is a recurring nightmare due to nighttime acid reflux. Particularly painful and disruptive, acid reflux at night can prevent a restful … Continue reading

Understanding and Managing Nighttime Acid Reflux

Waking up in the middle of the night feeling like your chest is on fire is not anyone’s idea of restful sleep. Yet, for many individuals, nighttime acid reflux makes this unsettling scenario a frequent reality. Consistently disrupting your sleep … Continue reading

What are the Benefits of doing Kegel Exercises?

If you have ever heard of Kegel exercises, you most likely associate with pregnant women. While it is true that it does help pregnant women and women is postpartum recovery, it can also help men undergoing prostate surgery. This is … Continue reading

National Blood Pressure Month

Not only is the month of May National Physical Fitness and Sports month, but it is also a time to acknowledge National Blood Pressure Month as well. Coincidence or not, these two national acknowledgements go hand in hand with each … Continue reading

Get Moving: Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 2024

Tomorrow is the start of May! And you know what that means? It is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. It’s time for individuals of all walks of life to lace up their sneakers and celebrate the joy of movement. … Continue reading

Top 3 Compound Exercises to Help Build Muscle

Compound exercises are probably the best way to get stronger quickly. This is because it is all about doing multi-joint moves that use several muscle groups at once. By doing this, you are not only saving time, you are also … Continue reading

Can You Build Muscle Using a Plant Based Diet?

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, protein reigns supreme. It’s the king of macronutrients when it comes to building muscle. However, the pervasive myth that you need to eat meat to bulk up is being dispelled by a growing … Continue reading