Safe Summer Workout Tips

In the Summer, rising temperatures can make even walking a short distance feel exhausting. Almost all activities feel more tiring in the heat which is why it’s important to be mindful of exercising in the Summer. If precautions are not taken … Continue reading

Choosing a Ball Chair

Earlier this week we touched upon the benefits of “Active Sitting.” To participate people have increasingly been switching out their standard chair for a ball chair in efforts to improve posture, lessen back pain, and incorporate exercise into their daily activities. … Continue reading

Benefits of Active Sitting

Did you know that sitting can lead to issues such as joint problems, metabolic deficiencies, and even shortened lifespans?  We all sit too much during our days: driving, working at a desk, watching TV, and more. Not even all the … Continue reading

Aquatic Therapy Exercises

As temperatures rise in the Summer heat, people can be inclined to try Aquatic Therapy (Physical Therapy in a pool). This treatment can be a great option for rehabilitation because many exercises are easier in the water. Being buoyant in the water … Continue reading

Prevent Swimming Injuries with Bands

Summer is the perfect time of the year to swim. While swimming is a great form of exercise, you need to take caution. Swimming doesn’t always feel strenuous which can result in injuries. Exercise bands are a great tool to use to … Continue reading

How to use the Relief Pak® Cold n’ Hot® Donut® Compression Sleeve

Cold packs are perfect for treating sore muscles and joints. With dozens of options out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. We have a number that you can choose from, but one … Continue reading

Hotel Workout Tips

Have you ever felt hesitant to go on vacation and leave your workout routine at home? You’re not alone, it can be challenging to find the time and facilities to stay on your A-game while traveling. Seasoned traveler Nigel Barker, … Continue reading

How to Use the CanDo® Stretch Strap

Do you stretch after your workout? Many of us know that we need to stretch after exercise, but for the sake of time or exhaustion we just end our workout without cooling down. This not only inhibits performance, but can … Continue reading

Stretch to Stay Healthy All Summer

It is officially summer! Warmer temperatures and more sunshine often motivates people to become more active. Take note that a sudden increase in activity can cause injury if people aren’t careful. One way to prevent an injury is by having … Continue reading

How to Relieve Tight Muscles with the CanDo® Leg Stretcher

Tight leg muscles are nothing new to distance runners or bodybuilders. However, if you’re freshly new to these activities you might wonder how these people keep up with their training when their legs can become too tight to move. The … Continue reading