About the Point Relief® product line

Point Relief® OTC topical analgesics by FEI are used by therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and the general public. Many of you who have received professional therapy care after an injury have likely been treated with a Point Relief product.

The Point Relief product line is the only product line in the industry that offers topical analgesics and lidocaine pain relief patches. Point Relief products include:

ColdSpot™ topical analgesic – our formulation provides fast-acting, soothing pain relief from minor aches and pains. It contains all natural ingredients, such as menthol, arnica and ilex. ColdSpot contains a higher menthol concentration than the leading brand.

HotSpot® warming lotion – the warming formula provides fast-acting temporary relief from minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. It contains all natural ingredients, such as capsaicin. The water-based formula minimizes grease and residue.

LidoSpot™ pain relieving patches – the latest additions to our Point Relief product line. Each patch contains the highest permissible amount of lidocaine (4%) without a prescription and 1% menthol. Each patch provides long-lasting pain relief for up to 12 hours.

The Point Relief® product category

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