Fall into Physical Fitness with these Fun Tips

This week marks the first full week of Fall! With the end of summer comes changing leaves and dropping temperatures. But that does not mean you can’t still enjoy some outdoor physical activity. You might just have to adjust your … Continue reading

Want to Feel Your Core Working? Try Pressure Biofeedback Gauges

Core stabilization exercises are excellent to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, and better balance. However, performing these exercises can feel challenging. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we are activating the ‘right’ muscles when performing the exercises. Perhaps we need … Continue reading

Postnatal Exercises You Can Do After Pregnancy

Postnatal exercises can help you recover, make you stronger and even improve your mood. If you’re eager to get moving, you might be wondering when it would be safe to return to exercise. While every pregnancy is different, if you … Continue reading

How Should We Strengthen the Shoulder? Rhythmic Stabilization.

Shoulder pain is a common condition experienced by many people. Individuals may need to strengthen specific muscles to help reduce symptoms. Traditional shoulder exercises typically will focus on one plane of movement.  However, the human body moves and functions in … Continue reading

Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

Pregnancy might seem like the perfect time to quit exercising or even allow you to put it off until after childbirth. This is likely due to feeling more tired than usual, and possible back aches associated with carrying extra weight. … Continue reading

Should Grip Strength Testing Positions be Standardized?

Grip strength testing is an objective measure that is highly utilized among clinicians.  Grip strength testing can tell us a lot about an individual.  However, when we proceed to test these individuals, the question becomes, how should we test them? … Continue reading

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Have you thought about cleaning your yoga mat? The truth is, with frequent usage, your yoga mat can quickly accumulate all your sweat, skin oils, dirt and grime. Between yoga classes and core workouts, your yoga mat might be harboring … Continue reading

Grip Strength: A Prognostic Factor of Dexterity

Clinicians may choose from several objective measures when evaluating an individual for dexterity dysfunction including manual muscle testing, range of motion, special tests, and dexterity tests. All of these will provide valuable information to help guide clinical decision making throughout … Continue reading

What Can I Take for Back Pain?

Back pain is no joke. Sometimes the pain can be so bad that you end up in urgent care. Which is why it is important to listen to your physical on what exercises you can do to help manage back … Continue reading

Don’t Forget About Hand Extension Exercises!

Commonly, clinicians will prescribe wrist and hand exercises that primarily focus on hand flexion.  While this is important for performing activities of daily living, we cannot forget about hand extension. Strengthening hand extensors is important to prevent imbalance of antagonist … Continue reading

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

Backaches are no fun, especially when they happen suddenly and for no real reason. One minute you are fine and the next minute, you bend down wrong to pick something up and now you are in pain. While becoming a … Continue reading

Boring Pronation/Supination Exercises? Give this one a try

Are you still prescribing boring pronation and supination exercises to your patients? Looking for something new and different? I would recommend looking at the CanDo Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel.  What is the CanDo Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel? The CanDo Pronation/Supination … Continue reading

Exercise You Can Use to Practice Pilates

Pilates is a very popular exercise method that can be done by just about anyone. This is because Pilates uses your core and your whole body to gain balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. This can help you with your everyday … Continue reading

Let’s Cut to the Chase: You Need CanDo® Perf 100 Exercise Bands

Let’s start with these questions: How many of you still use scissors to cut exercise bands for your patients? How many of you waste time trying to cut exercise bands with lousy scissors? How many of you struggle doing this, … Continue reading

The Benefits of Pilates

No matter what you exercise you do, any kind of exercise is good for you. Whether that be lifting weights or going for a run. Pilates is an exercise method that can be done by just about anyone regardless of … Continue reading

What Can I Do with the CanDo® Wrist/Forearm Exerciser?

There are many great products out there that are great to address wrist and forearm dysfunction.  CanDo® Wrist/Forearm Exercisers are great options to help individuals achieve their respective goals and improve their overall daily function. These products can be utilized … Continue reading

How Ball Chairs Can Get You Moving More

It’s time to swap out your office chair for a stability ball chair! In keeping with last week’s blog about finding time in the day to exercise, we have one more tip, using a ball chair. Having a ball chair … Continue reading

What Can I Do with CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs?

There are many great products out there that are helpful in addressing balance and strengthening deficits. CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs are great options to help individuals achieve their respective goals and improve their overall daily function. These products can be … Continue reading

Ways to Get Moving More During Everyday Life

When it comes to getting into exercise, “I just don’t have time” is one of the top excuses for not having daily exercise routine. For some, just the thought about having to get up and do regular exercise after a … Continue reading

CanDo® Twist-n-Bend Exercisers: More Than Just Strengthening

Building strength for the upper extremity, including the wrist and hand, is important to be able to carry out everyday activities. CanDo® Twist-n-Bend Exercisers are a great option to help address specific impairments and functional limitations, as well as achieving … Continue reading

Aquatic Therapy with CanDo®

Aquatic therapy is an amazing alternative form of physical therapy. It uses the physical properties of the water to provide benefits as you do various exercises in it. These benefits include avoiding joint strain, reducing swelling and increasing muscle strength. … Continue reading

How Do I know If an Intervention is Beneficial?

There are plenty of interventions we utilize when we implement them into a plan of care for our patients. Each intervention can help address impairments and functional limitations for each individual clinical presentation. In our minds, we think whenever we … Continue reading

Benefits of Doing Aquatic Therapy

Do you go to physical therapy and enjoy swimming? By combining the natural properties of water with the movement of your body, you’ve got a very effective physical therapy solution. Aquatic therapy is an extremely beneficial form of physical therapy … Continue reading

Should I Use Heat or Cold Therapy?

The use of modalities is helpful to reduce pain, improve the body’s ability to heal, and enhance overall function. Heat and cold therapies are two modalities that are traditionally used to address impairments and functional limitations of patients. There are … Continue reading

Pinch Grip Testing: An Essential Clinical Utility

Pinch grip is important for individuals to perform activities of daily living and various everyday tasks. Testing for pinch grip strength is important to be able to understand impairments and functional limitations a patient is experiencing. What are we evaluating … Continue reading

Introducing the New CanDo® Slide Board

Looking for a low impact exerciser that doesn’t put a whole lot of pressure on your knees and joints? Then you might want to try our new CanDo® Slide Board! The CanDo® Slide Board allows users to challenge themselves, develop … Continue reading

4 Ways to Perform Thoracic Extension Exercises

Thoracic extension exercises are a great way to focus on individual impairments and functional limitations.  Thoracic extension exercises can help improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall posture. There are numerous ways to perform this exercise.   Here are some … Continue reading

Workouts You Can Do This Summer

Today marks the first day of Summer! That’s right, and with Summer comes warmer weather for you to enjoy. Beach volleyball, tennis, paddle boarding…the number of outdoor activities to do are endless. It is just a matter of picking the … Continue reading

How Can I Improve my Grip Strength?

Assessing grip strength is important as it can tell you a lot about your patient.  Not only grip strength, but other variables including all-cause mortality, frailty, and many other pieces of information.  Therefore, we should focus on finding way to … Continue reading

What are CanDo® Intensity® Loops?

Go beyond traditional exercise bands and crank up the intensity with the CanDo® Intensity® Loops! One of the most durable bands we offer, the CanDo® Intensity® Loop is designed to give a greater resistance than our standard CanDo® bands. Ideal … Continue reading

Introducing the CanDo® Impact Massager!

Do you have tight, sore or inflamed muscles? A good percussion massage will have your muscles feeling a lot better. Percussive massage therapy is a new way to give a massage, and honestly it is a game changer. No longer … Continue reading

Best Exercises for Scoliosis

Our spines have a natural curve to it to distribute weight evenly throughout the body. Scoliosis is a spinal deformity that causes an irregular curvature in the spine. This curvature can sometimes be painful depending on the severity. Thankfully there … Continue reading

What is Therapeutic Alliance?

Therapeutic alliance is “a general construct that usually includes theoretical definition the collaborative nature, the affective bond, and the goal and task agreement between patients and clinicians”.1 Developing the therapeutic relationship between the patient and clinician is so important to … Continue reading

National Scoliosis Awareness Month 2022

Tomorrow is the start of June! With June comes the start of summer and the realization that we are already halfway through the year. It is also a month where we celebrate National Scoliosis Awareness Month. Scoliosis is a spinal … Continue reading

How to Perform Long Axis Hip Distraction at Home

Performing hip traction is a manual therapy technique utilized to help decrease pain, improve range of motion, and enhance overall functional mobility. Manual therapy, including traction muscle stretching, has shown to be beneficial to decrease pain, function, ad well-being for … Continue reading

Introducing the CanDo® UBE!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have an upper and lower body exerciser all in one device? Well wonder no more because your answer is here! Introducing the CanDo® Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer (CanDo® UBE for short). This … Continue reading

How to Measure Lumbar Range of Motion? A Bubble Inclinometer.

Range of motion is assessed by a qualified healthcare professional to identify impairments and functional limitations.  Range of motion is an objective measurement that can be used to measure progress of a given individual during their episode of care.  When … Continue reading

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Blood Clots

Blood has the crazy task of moving throughout the body continuously, but then quickly stops when you experience a cut or injury. This healthy and sometimes lifesaving stoppage of blood is called a blood clot. Most of the time when … Continue reading

Don’t have Dumbbells Available? Use Cuff Weights Instead!

We commonly will prescribe exercises using dumbbells to perform specific therapeutic exercises.  However, sometimes patients are not able to use these products due to potential issues including pain with gripping, skin integrity, and other problems. What are some alternatives we … Continue reading

Get Moving for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Every year during the month of May, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate and promote exercise. Physical activity is very important in maintaining your overall health and well-being. That is why below we have … Continue reading

Mentor, Mentee, or Both?

Clinical education is a part of a student’s academic program to learn how to apply the skills learned in the classroom and transition those techniques to a clinical setting. Students are typically paired up with a clinical instructor to help … Continue reading

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 2022

Physical activity is very important in maintaining your overall health and well-being. As an annual observance, during the month of May, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month celebrates and promotes physical activity and the benefits of exercise. This month promotes … Continue reading

Should We Attend Other Conferences Besides Our Own?

As Occupational Therapy Month comes to end, I have had time to reflect on my experience attending the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Inspire 2022 conference earlier this month. I had the honor and privilege to attend the AOTA Inspire … Continue reading

Exercises you Can Do with an AIREX® Balance Pad

AIREX® balance pads and other fitness products are amazing when it comes to balance, stretching, physical therapy, mobility, rehabilitation, and core strength training. Their balance pads are designed to give you the best performance by adjusting to your body. Having … Continue reading

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Patients

During the initial interview with a patient, we want to ask questions to help better facilitate he conversation.  More importantly, we want to be able to understand what the patient is experiencing, so we can better help them during their … Continue reading

Why Choose AIREX®?

Have you ever bought a balance pad and wanted more from it? There are tons of companies that will sell you a balance pad, but you need to find the one with the best quality and performance. From balance pads … Continue reading

Core Strengthening: Is There More to the Core?

Patients may be prescribed core stabilization exercises to strengthen their abdominal muscles to address their respective impairments and functional limitations.  Core stabilization is a great way to improve strength, functional range of motion, and overall stability.  However, maybe the “core” … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Activities You Can Do at Home

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a specialized type of rehabilitation that focuses on helping patients get the most out of life through practicing everyday activities. The goal of OT is to allow the patient to have maximum independence. When you first … Continue reading

Home Exercise Program (HEP) or Self-Management Program?

Patients are usually prescribed a HEP by their healthcare professional, to work on exercises at home to address their own impairments and functional limitations. These exercises are provided on a sheet indicating the number of sets and repetitions for each … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Month 2022

Have you ever been to Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapists play a vital role in helping people recover by treating injured and disabled patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Every year during the month of April, the American Occupational … Continue reading

Alphabet Soup: Does My Therapist’s Credentials Matter?

Alphabet Soup: Does My Therapist’s Credentials Matter? Short answer, it depends. When patients are seeking care for their own injuries or functional limitations, they want to seek out the best clinician that will help guide them throughout their rehabilitation process.  … Continue reading

Exercises for Those with Diabetes

If you are someone who has type 2 diabetes, regular exercise might be a good option to help manage your blood sugar levels and weight. Exercise is great for just about everyone. Along with managing your diabetes, exercising can also … Continue reading

What Do Patients Want in a Therapist? Answer…Compassion.

Patients will seek advice and care from a healthcare professional to address their current complaints and symptoms.  Healthcare professionals are extremely knowledgeable in their own respective fields.  However, being knowledgeable may not be enough to help guide patients during their … Continue reading

American Diabetes Association Alert Day

Did you know that diabetic patients are increasing over time? More than 10.5% of the American population are diabetic, with more than 34.2 million Americans being at risk of getting it. To raise awareness and combat this disease, the American … Continue reading

Getting Advice from Dr. Google? You Might Need a Second Opinion.

Have you ever tried to self-diagnose yourself by simply searching for answers on the internet? Sure, we probably have all tried to figure out the reasoning behind experiencing various signs and symptoms.  Sometimes we need certainty to help us feel … Continue reading

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022

If something ever goes wrong with your health, the first thought in your mind without a doubt is to go to the hospital. It is the best place to receive treatment for any health condition. However, with that must come … Continue reading

Should We Discharge Patients from Care?

Perhaps we need to change the structure a bit.  Instead, we should refer to each time the patient sees the healthcare professional as an “episode of care”.  This episode of care is just one point in the patient’s continuum of … Continue reading

National Sleep Awareness Week 2022

Sleeping is a very important part of everyone’s lives. In fact, about one-third of our entire lifetime is devoted to sleeping. However, not everyone is able to get the recommended average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. … Continue reading

Should We Use Pain Scores? Let’s Change the Narrative.

Typically, a numerical pain rating scale (NPRS) is a tool to help us evaluate and assess a patient’s given symptoms. The NPRS is also helpful to gauge a patient’s response to certain interventions throughout the course of the episode of … Continue reading

How 10 Minutes of Daily Exercising Can Boost Overall Health

According to the CDC, people have about 5 hours of free time per day on average. However, those hours can quickly diminish by whatever you have to do in life. This leaves you not a lot of time to exercise … Continue reading

What is the best treatment we can do for our patients? Listen.

We always strive to provide the best care to our patients. We do this through many avenues, including locating the best available evidence, utilize our clinical expertise, and understand the individual’s personal expectations and values.  This is true evidence-informed practice, … Continue reading

Ankle Exercises You Can Do for Physical Rehabilitation

If you have ankle pain due to an injury or surgery, you may want to seek help from a physical therapist. By undergoing physical therapy, you will speed up the recovery process by following what your physical therapist recommends. They … Continue reading

What Does the Evidence Say About Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is a helpful way to improve range of motion, flexibility, and functional mobility.  Foam rollers are widely accessible in therapy gym, fitness centers, and for personal use.  Using a foam roller has many benefits to help individuals’ reach … Continue reading

How Physical Therapy Helps You After Ankle Surgery

Ankle surgery is sometimes necessary if you have chronic ankle pain due to an injury or disability. Surgery can help alleviate the pain, but you are not out of the woods yet. Following an operation, you are most likely going … Continue reading

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). Subjective or Objective?

What is MMT? MMT is something that is studied during our educational experiences during school.  MMT are included within the objective measures section of the physical examination. MMT is performed to assess the strength and function of various muscles.  Strength … Continue reading

Heart Health Exercises

Physical activity is one of the most effective tools to strengthen your heart. It also helps keep your weight under control to prevent high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. There are three different types of exercises you … Continue reading

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs): Do the Scores Matter?

Patients generally will fill out outcome measurement tools to help score their respective pain, disability, and functional limitations.  These forms are important tools to help clinicians understand what patients are currently experiencing.  However, we must not look at these scores … Continue reading

American Heart Month

Every year more than 600,000 Americans die from heart disease. It is the number one cause of deaths for most groups, affecting every age, gender, and ethnicity. To bring light on this disease, the U.S observes the month of February … Continue reading

Can We Do More with TheraPutty? Puttycise Tools May Be the Answer.

TheraPutty is a commonly used product to help address a patient’s impairments and functional limitations. TheraPutty is helpful to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, dexterity, and much more! There are other products that might compliment TheraPutty to enhance overall … Continue reading

Sitting Exercises with the TOGU® Inflatable Ball

Are you sitting down too much and need a little movement? Whether you are at home or in the office, TOGU® inflatable exercise balls are a great way to get you exercising even while sitting. Your body must constantly make … Continue reading

Shared Decision-Making: Make Patients ACTIVE!

Patients will come and seek help from a qualified healthcare professional. Individuals will look to these experts to help provide them appropriate treatment for their respective ailments.  However, healthcare is truly individualized, and each patient needs to be evaluated separately.  … Continue reading

Finding a Workout You Enjoy

Don’t enjoy the thought of getting up from your comfortable couch to go exercise? You only have one body, and it is up to you on how you want to use it. If you are like most people this time … Continue reading

Balance Pads Improve More Than Just Balance

Patients may present to physical therapy to work on their balance. Deficits in balance can be a result of decreased, strength, flexibility, and many other contributing factors. Balance training is prescribed to help improve those specific impairments and functional limitations. … Continue reading

Why You Should Upgrade your Resistance Band

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, resistance bands are a means of strengthening and stretching your muscles for both athletic activity and physical therapy. Standard resistance bands are viable for the fitness goals you want to achieve. However, … Continue reading

Person-Centered or Person-Focused Care?

Providing care to patients should focus on individual clinical presentations, impairments, and functional limitations. Clinicians should treat the patients as an individual. We need to be able to recognize patient belief systems, values, and expectations. Contextual factors can play a … Continue reading

30-Day New Year’s Challenge

Every year, at the beginning of the new year, a lot of people start exercising and hitting the gym in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. However, many of these people tend to quit a month or two later. In … Continue reading

Static vs. Dynamic Stretching. Which One Is the Best?

What type of stretching is the best? This is a common question when incorporating stretching into your self-management program. Before we can answer these questions, we may need to understand the differences between static and dynamic stretching. What is static … Continue reading

Diabetic Exercises

Regular exercise is great activity that just about everyone should be doing. It helps you get stronger, leaner, and healthier. Also, it is especially important for those of you who have diabetes. Any kind of workout that makes you active … Continue reading

3 Tips for Postural Syndrome

Postural Syndrome refers to individuals in prolonged postured for a long period of time that can result in musculoskeletal impairments including tendons, muscles, and joints.  This can be a result of increased sitting during the workday.  It becomes imperative to … Continue reading

Diabetes and Exercising

Fighting diabetes? Now is a good time to start exercising. Whether you’re just getting started or are a professional athlete, exercise is great for just about everyone. It is especially important for those who want to manage their diabetes. Regular … Continue reading

4 Strategies to Improve Therapeutic Alliance

Introduction Individuals may be placed in an intimidate environment when receiving musculoskeletal care from a provider. Yielding positive outcomes and enhancing the overall patient experiences is highly dependent on creating a professional relationship between the patient and the practitioner. Therapeutic … Continue reading

Benefits of Swimming

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, swimming is a great way to exercise your entire body. It is the fourth most popular activity in the U.S and for good reason. Swimming can be enjoyable, but it can also provide the … Continue reading

My X-Ray Says I Have What? Words Matter.

Have you ever had an x-ray or an MRI, and you have no idea what the report means? This is something that many patients experience during their episode of care. Patients may have to undergo further imaging to help rule … Continue reading

Holiday Shopping List 2021

Are you ready for the holiday season? Not sure what to buy your friends and family? We got you covered! From exercise to physical therapy, we offer a load of products that will put a smile on a loved one’s … Continue reading

How Are My Symptoms Connected? Regional Interdependence.

Often, we find ourselves trying to find the reasons why patients may be experiencing pain. There are many factors that can influence clinical presentations and its important for clinicians to be able to recognize these variables. A thorough subjective reception … Continue reading

Time to Work Off That Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the U.S that is full of great food and company. It is certainly a great time to enjoy yourself and indulge a little. Though this holiday gives us joy, it also gives us post-Thanksgiving … Continue reading

How Do We Manage Glenohumeral Instability?

Individuals with shoulder stability may have mobility or motor control issues that can put themselves at risk during functional tasks and potentially lead to progressive pathologies. It’s important to decipher the difference at a particular joint or body part to … Continue reading

Fascia Training with CanDo®

If you want to get stronger and faster while decreasing your chance of injury, then you should practice fascia training. As we discussed in our previous article “What is Fascia Training”, fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds … Continue reading

What Does the Evidence Say About Treating Neck Pain? Target The Thoracic Spine.

Interventions applied to the thoracic spine and ribs may help provide more insight into how it could potentially lead to treating individuals with neck pain. Cleland et al1 introduced a study to investigate the predictive validity of how patients with … Continue reading

What is Fascia Training

As you continue to age, your body doesn’t always work as it used to. One part of your body that becomes a little less resilient is your fascia. Also known as your connective tissue, your fascia encases your entire body … Continue reading

What Are Some Other Considerations for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders?

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) is the result of dysfunction to the jaw muscles, joints, and other structures. These dysfunctions can lead to impairments and functional limitations affecting everyday tasks. It becomes important to recognize potential strategies to manage TMD. Treatment of … Continue reading

Sleeping on your Back to Help Sleep Issues

Having trouble sleeping? There are so many positions you could fall asleep in but sometimes it can be hard to find the right one. So many people sleep on their side, stomach, curled up in a ball or even spread … Continue reading

How Do We Manage Cervicogenic Headaches?

Cervicogenic headaches are typically unilateral headaches that occur from a multitude of factors including postural syndrome, muscular imbalances, and many more. We might to evaluate other things including workstation ergonomics, sitting, and standing postures, as well as how they perform … Continue reading

Health Training for Older Adults

Strength training and staying mobile is very important as you age. Lack of mobility as well as decreased muscle and bone density can lead to some serious injuries. Maintaining and sticking to an at-home training program can be the first … Continue reading

Goniometers: What Are We Really Measuring?

Goniometry is typically utilized in common practice among physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Goniometry allows the clinician to be able to measure the range of motion of specific joints of the body. Measurements are generally taken as … Continue reading

How Aging Impacts Our Bodies

Getting older is a natural part of life. Unless you are Benjamin Button, we all start out young and eventually get older. At a certain point in life, aging and health concerns will start to grow. A decline in strength, … Continue reading

Should We Follow the ‘Rules’?

Clinical prediction rules are a helpful tool to help guide clinicians when managing the care of patients.  The key word is ‘guide’. I find it difficult to place a specific patient into a clinical prediction tool that completely matches the … Continue reading

World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day

Every year on the 19th of October, orthopedic surgeons around the world are celebrating World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day. Shortened to PB&J Day, this special day brings awareness to children with musculoskeletal conditions such as childhood obesity. Specifically, it … Continue reading

3 Common Resistance Band Problems

2. Set Up Traditionally, placing the resistance band in the door or on the door knob is a recommended method to anchor the band.  Sometimes individuals may have a challenge of setting up their exercise equipment in their home or … Continue reading

What Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor?

If you have ever had any sort of body pain, you may want to consider a chiropractor. Instead of giving you medication, chiropractors use a hands-on approach as they manipulate the spine and use other alternative forms of treatment to … Continue reading