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Cefaly is a breakthrough migraine treatment that can help improve your quality of life and free you from migraine pain. This simple-to-use medical device works to treat acute migraine attacks quickly, prevent future episodes, and may cut your number of migraine days by almost half. With Cefaly, you can live your life without darkened rooms or the forgetfulness, grogginess, and other bothersome side effects that come with some medications. Give yourself the confidence you need to make plans and keep them, without worrying about your migraines.

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47720 Cefaly Connected Bundle (Includes Cefaly Connected Unit, 3 Electrodes, 2 Charging Docks) $989.99
Cefaly Connected Bundle (Includes Cefaly Connected Unit, 3 Electrodes, 2 Charging Docks):
The Cefaly Connected Bundle is a drug-free, clinically proven migraine treatment that relieves pain, prevents attacks and helps you gain new insights into your migraine treatment journey. The Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected syncs with the CeCe Migraine Management app, allowing you to optimize your treatments by tracking them on your phone. See session time remaining and battery life at a glance and monitor your CEFALY treatment intensity. Use the ACUTE mode at the first sign of a migraine attack to relieve migraine pain by directly targeting the trigeminal nerve. You can also download a PDF report with your unique migraine patterns and treatment data to share with your healthcare provider. With an intuitive design and improved, 7-hour battery life, the FDA-cleared CEFALY Connected is an essential part of your migraine toolkit. Included with the Cefaly Connected Bundle is the Cefaly Connected unit, 3 Electrodes, 2 Charging Docks with USB cables, and a carrying case.

Dimensions: 2.6" x 0.68" x 1.86"

Weight: 1.75 lbs

UPC: 714905137418

Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.

68335 Cefaly Accessory, C2 Electrode (Pack of 3) $37.49
Cefaly Accessory, C2 Electrode (Pack of 3):
Cefaly is a wearable device, clinically proven to quickly treat acute migraine attacks and prevent future episodes. Most migraines involve the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex cranial nerve. The top branch of the trigeminal nerve can be accessed through the skin on the forehead. Cefaly sends tiny electrical impulses through the self-adhesive C2 Electrode that is placed on the forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. You can use the C2 Electrode up to 20 times before you must replace it with a new one. This is an add-on accessory to the Cefaly Migraine Treatment and Prevention Kit. It comes is a pack of 3 Cefaly C2 Electrodes.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 0.1" x 3.75"

Weight: 1.7 lbs

UPC: 714905121103

Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.

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