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3575 SportsArt T615-CHR Treadmill $4395.00
SportsArt T615-CHR Treadmill:
It's no accident that SportsArt has been an industry leader for over 40 years with products sold in more than 80 countries. That's why everyone has been paying attention to the introduction of the new SportsArt CHR Treadmill. It's an industrial-quality machine with facility-grade features but built for the home. With more than 10 built-in preset programs and one of the largest running platforms in its class, those who are new to running with find this a great introduction and those that take running seriously will appreciate the challenges. The running and walking deck of the CHR is easy on the knees, providing 30% more shock absorption than previous models. The belt, which is constructed from carbon-weave, low friction material is generously sized at 58" x 20". Keeping it running smooth is the ECO-GLIDE auto lubrication system. Because it is a SportsArt, it's been designed for maximum durability. It features a durable frame with transport wheels located under the front pedestal that permit easy relocation. Powered by a 3.0HP motor, the unit also includes a console-based, easy-to-read tri-color LED display which lets users set or change the program, the incline and provides workout feedback. The speed can be adjusted from 0.1 to 12 mph and the incline can be adjusted from 0-15%. Twelve factory preset programs offer a variety of workouts. Each preset program offers a unique set of challenges. Preset programs include Manual, Interval (3 options), Glue (2 options), Hill (3 options) and HRC, which also has 3 options. If a program isn't what you want, this unit also has a Quick Start option that allows the user to get on and get walking or running right away. If you like surprises, there's also a Random program option that when utilized, selects one of an almost endless number of randomly generated workout programs. Contact heart rate monitoring makes workouts even more effective. Heart rate is measured either through the contact heart rate sensors located on the handlebars or via a telemetry heart rate strap. The multi-functional console also features two water bottle holders that can double as accessory trays to hold keys, water bottles, music, etc. The T615-CHR has a 400 lb. weight capacity and comes with a fully illustrated assembly guide and owner's manual. All the tools and parts needed for assembly are included and no power tools are needed. The console displays Speed, Time, Incline, Distance, Calories, Pace, Heart Rate and other data. A dot matrix speed & incline profile lets you see how hard you have worked and how challenging the upcoming segments will be. The T615-CHR allows for speed and incline changes to be made while already on the unit, saving time as there's no stop, get off and reprogram. Features a magnetic safety tether cord that will stop tread-belt movement immediately should the user fall or move too far back on the tread-belt. To keep the unit clean and working smoothly, wipe it down daily with a lint-free towel that's damp with mild soap and water.

Dimensions: 77" x 55" x 38"

Weight: 233.2 lbs

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

UPC: 714905113535

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

3581 SportsArt T655M Treadmill $8295.00
SportsArt T655M Treadmill:
The T655M is rated for high workloads, long hours and is speci cally designed for cardiac and physical rehabilitation. This treadmill comes loaded with unique features, programs and user amenities to help treat more patients more e ectively.

Dimensions: 87" x 56" x 38"

Weight: 371.0 lbs

UPC: 714905113542

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

3582 SportsArt C535U Cycle $2395.00
SportsArt C535U Cycle:
Oversized seat for proper knee alignment. Self-generating design requires no outside power to operate. Low-profile for easy on/off. Optional seat adaptor allows you to attach your own bicycle seat. Telemetry heart rate. Entertainment bracket compatible.

Dimensions: 40" x 56" x 22"

Weight: 121.0 lbs

UPC: 714905113559

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

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3583 SportsArt C521M Cycle $4595.00
SportsArt C521M Cycle:
Breathable, reclining mesh seat back with lumbar pouch for hot/cold packs. Bi-directional resistance. Adjustable pedal crank allows for range of motion adjustments. Step-through design allows for safe and easy on/off access. Simple adjustment levels lock into place quickly.

Dimensions: 67" x 50" x 26"

Weight: 183.0 lbs

UPC: 714905113566

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

3593 SportsArt UB521M Medical Upper Body Ergometer $6390.00
SportsArt UB521M Medical Upper Body Ergometer with Bilateral Arm Frame and Height Adjustable Swivel Seat:
Low start up resistance. Belt drive smooth and quiet operation. Body position angle adjusts 73 degrees. Display console rotates 85 degrees for easy viewing. Adjustable crank provides ability to gradually increase range-of-motion radius. Telemetry heart rate. Adjustable seat. Optional wheelchair ramp sold separatly.

Dimensions: 69" x 70" x 28"

Weight: 268.0 lbs

UPC: 714905113573

Notice: Typically ships in 1 week.

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