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Inventor, international researcher/lecturer, author, and orthodontist, Dr. Dickerson used the COVID time out of the office to design the 4MinuteBack. Not finding what he thought would easily decompress his own spine and relax back muscles, he did what he had done in orthodontics and designed his own solution. 4MinuteBack is a physics-based solution for a better back.

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49696 4MinuteBack $114.99
Suffering from persistent back pain? The at-home 4MinuteBack is here to rescue you from discomfort and mobility issues. Experience a revolution in back care that brings professional therapy right into the convenience of your home. Say hello to daily relief as the 4MinuteBack gently stretches and relaxes your back muscles, rehydrating your spine in just four minutes a day. This powerful apparatus offers a therapeutic session akin to a chiropractic adjustment, focusing on long-term wellness. Frequent adjustments alone aren't enough if tight muscles continue to pull your spine out of alignment. The 4MinuteBack methodically relaxes these persistent contractions, empowering your spine to maintain its correct position for extended periods, thus reducing the need for constant chiropractor visits. By unburdening your bulging discs and relieving pinched nerves, the 4MinuteBack device minimizes pain and discomfort. The reduction of tension allows your body to readjust and significantly improve your posture, often considered a delightful secondary advantage of using this product. With reduced vertebral pressure, the blood circulation in your back improves, promoting optimal cell health-essential for recovery and overall spine vitality. Conventionally found in medical offices and physical therapy establishments, traction devices are known for their effectiveness. The 4MinuteBack mirrors this therapy through a built-in digital load cell, providing a constant digital readout that shows the precise amount of force applied to your spinal column. This level of control and personalization ensures that each stretch is tailored just for you. Designed for simplicity, the 4MinuteBack can be set up within seconds-encouraging regular use without the hassle. Plus, its highly portable nature means you can bring your back pain solution with you, wherever you go. Don't wait for relief. Stretch your way to a happier, healthier back with 4MinuteBack today.

Dimensions: 28" x 48" x 2"

Weight: 3.7 lbs

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

UPC: 196852230006

Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.

49697 Push-Up and Plank Trainer $89.99
Push-Up and Plank Trainer:
Transform your home workouts and elevate your fitness game with the revolutionary Push-Up and Plank Trainer. Designed for fitness enthusiasts and core strength seekers, this innovative fitness tool ensures you maintain perfect form with every push-up while providing a scalable challenge that grows with your strength. Take command of your training intensity. Effortlessly adjust the amount of body weight resistance by changing your position relative to the trainer-forward for ease, backward for challenge. Bid farewell to improper push-ups. The design of the Push-Up and Plank Trainer encourages impeccable form, safeguarding you from injury and maximizing each movement's effectiveness. A stable core is the bedrock of fitness. Use this versatile trainer to maintain a rigid plank for 45 seconds and incrementally amplify the intensity as your endurance improves. Commit to just 4 sessions a week featuring 3 sets of 12 push-ups or 60-second planks. Track your progress as you strive to make the final repetitions in each set particularly demanding. Ideal for those looking to integrate a potent core workout into their home exercise routine, the Push-Up and Plank Trainer is your partner in pursuing peak physical conditioning. Ready to push your limits and strengthen your core? Elevate your push-ups and planks to perfection. Aim for stronger, aim for better - conquer your fitness goals with this simple yet powerful tool.

Dimensions: 24" x 11" x 13.75"

Weight: 10.8 lbs

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

UPC: 196852041800

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.