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A line of units from Halo designed to measure and evaluate range-of-motion in a patient. Instead of traditional goniometer "arms", the Halo uses lasers to ensure accurate and reproduceable results, making it approved by both the FDA and TGA. Other features of a Halo include single hand functionality, optional classes and quick, easy-to-read results.

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56750 Halo Digital Goniometer $495.00
Halo Digital Goniometer:
When it comes to results from medical tests, accuracy is everything. That's why the Halo Digital Goniometer is revolutionary in testing and measuring range-of-motion. It's the next generation in joint measurement as it combines the capabilities of a goniometer, an inclinometer and petrometer into one easy to use measurement tool. Trying to read the little lines on a goniometer while using both hands to maneuver the unit and keep the patient in place is a tremendous effort that can lead to errors. Most goniometers typically produce measurement variances of up to 30 degrees, leaving a lot of room for errors and miscalculation of medical treatment. The Halo doesn't believe in measurement variances though. The inter-rater reliability of the Halo is .99. That means that if 10 different professionals take a measurement with the Halo, all 10 should achieve a number that is within 1 degree of accuracy. The secret is that the Halo comes with a Kinesics base to stabilize the devise and ensure lasers are aligned with the proper anatomical landmarks for each measurement. The lasers take the place of traditional goniometer "arms", so users produce more accurate measurements. The Halo offers professionals single hand functionality and easy-to-read results on a backlit screen in 5 seconds or less. That's consistency you can count on and consistency you can prescribe treatment on. Please note, this is the Halo Digital Goniometer unit only. The Halo Digital Goniometer is both FDA and TGA approved. Single hand functionality of the Halo allows physicians to support a patient's limb, manipulate joints and record results with their free hand. Ideal for busy clinics and offices, faster goniometer readings allow faster and more thorough range of motion evaluations. So versatile, this goniometer measures joint limits and range-of-motion as well as extension, flexion, abduction, adduction and rotation. Without lines to read, the lasers intersect landmarks for repeatable measurements.

Dimensions: 5.25" x 1" x 3.75"

Weight: 1 lbs

UPC: 735850727875

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