About the Dycem® brand

Dycem® non-slip material is widely used by occupational therapists and is ubiquitous in long term care facilities. Many of you who have visited a loved one in a nursing home have seen Dycem® material used to help stabilize objects, hold objects firmly in place, or to provide a better grip.

The product line includes bulk reels, precut pads, and functional shapes. We decided to include it with our main brands because it is such an important ADL for so many people.

The Dycem® product category

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Dycem® products

Dycem® non-slip square coasters firmly holds drinks in place to help prevent spillages. Grip ornaments and vases to prevent movement and breakage.
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Dycem® jar opener and round table mat set helps enable independent living. Open jars with one hand by placing jar on mat and using the jar opener to remove lid with ease.
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Dycem® retail dispensers create point-of-purchase sales with counter top product displays. 25 products per dispenser.
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