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cover for Carrie seat, x-large (small adult)

cover for Carrie seat, x-large (small adult)Quantity in Basket: none
Code: P4642SA

Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

2011 Catalog Page: 174

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TumbleForms 2 Seating

Feeder Seat Floor Sitter
feeder seat floor sitter
2-piece mobile floor sitter
2-piece mobile floor sitter
adjustable tray
adjustable tray
Cozee feeder seat cover
Cozee feeder cover
rover with feeder seat
Rover w/ feeder seat
Carrie seat with base
Carrie Seat with base
Carrie seat
Cozee Carrie seat cover
Carrie rover
Carrie rover
Carrie collar
Carrie collar
universal corner chair
universal corner seat
squair chair
square chair
high-low mobile chair
high-low mobile chair
high-low mobile chair
high-low mobile chair
Carrie car seat
Carrie car seat
Carrie bus seat
Carrie Bus Seat
LifeSeat ambulance seat
LifeSeat ambulance seat

  • feeder seat - Provides basic positioning. Seat has built-in abductor, posturally correct contoured interior and a safety harness. Sizing (height/hip) small: 36/7”, medium 48/10”, large 60/13”, x-large 72/16”
    • floor sitter - Feeder seat and floor sitter wedge. Seat is secured to wedge with velcro allowing adjustment from an upright to reclining position. Pictured above: Feeder seat (in red) plus wedge (in blue) make up the floor sitter
    • 2-piece mobile floor sitter - Feeder seat and mobile base. Individual may be moved without repositioning. Medium and large come with a wood box base, XL has a tubular steel base
    • adjustable tray - Used with feeder seat, floor sitter mobile floor sitter, classroom seat, classroom seat with mobile base, or any other seat. Tray height and tray angle are adjustable. Non-slip large work surface (23X23”) is ideal for all activities. Large rubber feet keep tray from slipping
    • Cozee® feeder seat cover - Soft, washable cover provides comfort and absorbs moisture
    • Rover® with feeder seat - Large pneumatic tires allow stroller to travel over uneven surfaces and rough terrain. Rear wheels fold for easy storage and transportability
  • Carrie® seat - Built-in abductor and contoured interior provide lateral trunk support and shoulder protraction. Adjustable neck stabilizer maintains head in mid-line and neutral position. Harness securely positions child. Sizing (height/hip)  small 36”/7”, medium 48”/10”, large 60”/13”, x-large 72”/16”.
    • Carrie® seat w/ footrest and tray - Seat, adjustable footrest and adjustable tray. Tray provides a surface for feeding and other activities. Footrest adjusts to maintain hip, knee and ankle flexion and to position child for optimum comfort.
    • Carrie® Rover® with seat - Carrie® Rover® has front swivel casters.
    • Carrie® collar - Wrap-around hinged collar supports jaw line and occipital region for improved neck flexion, head control and mid-line position. Neck support maintains head in mid-line and neutral position. Attach to seat with Velcro.
  • universal corner chair - Large base prevents tipping, built-in abductor maintains leg extension and reduces extensor thrust. Adjustable harness support and hip strap securely position child. Removable large tray (28”x28”) can lie flat for feeding or tilt to 30° for activities. Sizing: up to 60”.
  • square chair - Position neurologically impaired children. Positioning shapes modify the seating position. 8-piece shape set contains 2 large rectangles, 2 small rectangles, 2 triangles, 1 ring and 1 disc. Sizing: up to 60”.
  • High-low chair / mobile floor sitter - Height is adjustable (19-24”). Chair angle tilts to 15º, 20º or 25º. Seat (including mobile frame) detaches easily from pedestal base, converting chair to a floor sitter. Includes tray, H-strap harness, trunk support and removable abductor. For child up to 45”. Frame can be used with feeder seat.
  • Carrie® car seat - The Carrie® seat may be used as a car seat. It has been crash tested and meets F.M.V.S.S.213. Secure seat using standard vehicle seat belt. Medium seat has been approved for use on airplanes.
  • Carrie® bus seat - For comfort, therapeutic positioning and safe transportation. Easy to secure using vehicle seat belt and Bus seat “tether” strap. Small/medium 30”/48” (20-60 lbs.) large 45”/58” (50-100 lbs).
  • LifeSeat® ambulance seat - Three attachment points affix the seat firmly to the ambulance cot/stretcher or “captain’s chair”. Design meets special needs of impaired or injured children. Push-button buckle makes evacuation from seat simple. Not designed for spinal immobilization. Holds child up to 60 lbs./48 inches.
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